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Community Crowd Sale Bonuses

The more ST sold, the more everyone benefits!

80% of Target Achieved

79.74M ST

22,162 ETH

80% of Target Achieved

79.74M ST

22,162 ETH

100M ST
Everyone gets
20% bonus
100M ST
Everyone gets
20% bonus
total st sold
79,742,460 ST
total eth raised
22,162 ETH

Why Simple Token

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Sale Details

A new standard in blockchain technology

The Simple Token solution enables any business to launch a cryptocurrency on a blockchain without the legal, regulatory, and technology headaches involved with doing it alone.

ST is an ERC20 token and OpenST-Protocol enables the creation of utility tokens on a sidechain while their value is backed by staked crypto-assets on public Ethereum.

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Sale Details

Sale Details

Soft Cap

50,000,000 Tokens


100,000,000 Tokens
Bonus Details

Hard Cap

240,000,000 Tokens, $20M in value

Total Token Supply

800,000,000 finite supply


1 ETH = 3598.214 ST
Set 10-Nov-2017
as per T's & C's.



Market Cap




Minimum Purchase

0.1 ETH

Maximum Purchase

Day 1: 40 ETH, Day 2-17: No cap

Token Distribution


Token Activation

ASAP, no later than 22 Dec, 2017
* Any remaining tokens from token sale 1 will be burned.

ST Community Bonuses

The more everyone purchases, the more everyone benefits!

Our goal with the token sale is to get ST into the hands of as many developers and companies as possible -- to kickstart an ecosystem around OpenST. Towards that goal, we have designed the ST sale to accrue more benefits to the community as more people participate in the sale.

ST Target activates 20% bonus tokens for everyone
ST Kicker activates 25% bonus tokens for everyone
ST Power activates 30% bonus tokens for everyone

Token Allocation

Token Sale

240,000,000 ST to be sold in token sale #1, representing 30% of the total token supply.

Future Token Sale

5% to 17.2% of token supply (depending on bonuses) reserved for future token sales, locked in smart contract for minimum of 6 months.

Accelerator Program

27.2% of token supply reserved for grants for promising Branded Token projects and developers building on ST.

Early Backers

5.6% of tokens allocated to early financial backers who supported the project development since early 2016. 3 year vesting schedule.


10% of tokens allocated to project advisors. 2 year vesting schedule.


10% of tokens allocated to the Founding Team. 3 to 4 year vesting schedules.
* Purchasers in token sale #1 get automatic 20% discount for the token sale #2. Learn more

Use of Proceeds

Use of Proceeds

The purpose of the first Simple Token sale is to empower an ecosystem and to help finance further development of the Simple Token protocol.

The majority of proceeds from token sale #1 shall go towards protocol and associated software development and ecosystem development.

Other expenses shall include security, legal, and regulatory matters to maintain the integrity of the Simple Token network.

Reserve your branded token name today

Every purchase of Simple Tokens includes a branded token name reservation. What will your token be named? Please note: All token name reservations are subject to project vetting and applicable trademark laws prior to approval for launch on Simple Token sidechains.

Token Sale Key Dates

1 Nov

Early Registration Starts

Register between 1-13 November to get whitelisted for the Early Access sale on 14 November, 2017.

13 Nov

Public Registration Starts

Did you miss the early registration period? There’s still time to register for the public sale which starts on 15 November, 2017.

14 Nov

Early Access Sale Starts

1-day private sale for early registrants only. There will be a maximum purchase size per person in order to ensure the most people can participate.

15 Nov

Public Sale Starts

Token sale open to the public until all tokens are sold or until 1 December, whichever occurs first. No maximum purchase per person.

1 Dec

Token Sale Ends

The token sale will end at latest at 12:59:59 UTC on 1 December 2017 if supplies do not run out sooner.


How does early access work?

The token sale starts on November 14, 2017. The first day of the token sale is restricted to Early Access whitelisted individuals only. To get on the Early Access whitelist, register at between 1-13 November, 2017. A standard KYC / AML / CTF compliance check is required. Once your KYC / AML / CTF is approved, you will be added to the Early Access whitelist.

Who should purchase ST?

Companies who want to create branded tokens. Developers who want to explore developing on OpenST. Individuals contemplating future projects with ST.

What if i miss the preregistration period?

If you register after 13 November you can still register and participate in the Public token sale which starts on 15 November. A standard KYC/AML/CTF compliance check is required. Once your KYC / AML / CTF is approved, you will be added to the Public Sale whitelist.

Requirements or restrictions?

Any individual over age of 18, who passes KYC / AML / CTF checks can participate in the token sale with the exception of residents of U.N sanctioned countries, China, New Zealand and New York State (USA). To learn more about the KYC / AML / CTF requirements or about the specific restrictions please visit our FAQ pages or ask our team in our Telegram channel.

Which ETH address should you send the money in?

Simple Token will never publish an ETH address here or in any emails, or on social media sites. The only place you will get our ETH address is when you log into your account on and only after you have completed all requirements to enable your account to purchase.

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